Gap in Traditional Health Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance picks up where your health insurance leaves off.

Types of Care vs. What Traditional Health Insurance Will Pay For

First 60 Days
First 40 Days
After 100+ Days
Not Covered

The limits of your health insurance policy may vary from what is shown. Check your policy to see the exact limits of your plan.

Skilled Care

Skilled care is the type of care we have received all our lives. When we get sick or suffer an injury, we go to a doctor or hospital. Its medically necessary care that is designed to make you well again. If a person was in a car accident for example, the medical care to fix broken bones, treat bruises and cuts, and stabilize them is considered skilled care.

Intermediate Care

Intermediate care is less frequent skilled care. It is generally short term in duration and its purpose is to help you regain functionality. Examples are physical and speech therapy. If an accident victim lost the use of their legs, they would receive physical therapy to regain any possible movement and learn how to exercise and care for themselves.

Custodial Care

Custodial care is help with every day activities like eating, bathing, dressing, going to the bath room and just moving around. It is performed by home health aids, family and friends, at home, in nursing homes and at assisted living facilities. Rather than making you well, its purpose is to help you perform activities needed to get through the day. Custodial care is needed by people who have suffered accidents and illnesses as well as those who simply become frail with age and can no longer care for themselves.

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